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So who exactly are the Socialveil team and where did we earn the right to build a social media management platform for marketers?


Back in 2013, I, (Dario ) started a digital marketing agency called Octopus & Son. I worked with many different client types, from mom & pop shops to post secondary and financial institutes, theatres and coworking spaces like Work Nicer Coworking, which I cofounded with Alex Putici.

In those 6 years, I used every social media scheduling platform available, from the cheapest ones to those that provided all of the options and yet I was still building editorial calendars in Google Sheets and sending campaign posts via email.

Shouldn’t US$300/ month make those problems go away and could their designs not look like a drunk squirrel threw them together? (looking at you poopsuite). The answer was yes.

Enter Jonathan Stiansen, whose shared a love for solving big problems with simple design and put together a local development team to bring our initial designs to life. We make one hell of a team! Seriously, you should see us when we’re brainstorming!

Socialveil has since garnered quite a bit of attention without much effort, (our early access signup is getting bigger than we imagined) something our marketing friends say is because the designs and features are clean and simple, which we take great pride in.

We have a wonderful team of advisors who have succeeded at some amazing achievements and have supported our unique approach to a self-funded public launch. We’re not some heavily funded startup with seed money coming out of our ears, this is all our own money. A TRUE passion project come to life, the goal of which is to build a beautiful product that makes social media managers more efficient and doesn’t break the bank.

We hope you enjoy the Socialveil journey as much as we are!



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