Let’s Get Wacky

Do you want to know what everyone finds relatable? Imperfections. Sure, it feels great when things go absolutely perfect, but is that realistic? Hell no! Marketing is the same way. Regardless of what is published, we all want engagement and responses, and frankly, you aren’t always going to get it. This is why you need to pick yourself up, think of something new, and go for it. 

Its time to get wacky with your marketing . Every ad you scroll through looks the same as the last and eventually every brand looks the same and you now longer look at the ads. However, every once in a while something goofy shows up in ads, and everyone is forced to look, they command attention, so it’s time for you to command attention with your marketing.

  1. Wacky -> Good Things Happening
  2. Giving Managers Agency
  3. Mild to Wild

On the Go?
Ordinary isn’t going to cut it in a world where digital marketing is passively observed every minute. If your marketing looks like it came from a cookie cutter, it’s time to ask yourself where the innovation and creativity is. It’s okay to be a little wacky, a little eclectic, and even a little weird.
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Being wacky sounds scary, but when you learn to embrace the change, your social media campaigns can be taken from a flop to a hit!

Wacky -> Good Things Happening

We have all been on social media and seen ads that look like a copy and paste of each other. Every alcoholic soda comercial is near a pool, and every perfume commercial has models in a shower getting changed into luxurious gowns. Want to know why Old Spice thrived…. They did something wacky. They didn’t go with the vibe of luxury, they went with real, raw, and rugged, and look at them now.

Being a little different allows you to build brand prominence and business longevity. You become more relevant and memorable, which matters more than anything in the marketing world. Give yourself a competitive advantage and be just a little wacky.

Giving Managers Agency

It is time to give your social media managers agency. Stop checking every post, every trend, and every engagement. Not only is it stifling, it makes your marketing boring. The managers know what they are doing, so let them do it.

Managers know the audience better than you will. Unless you have dedicated your week to working on social media marketing, you don’t truly get the audience or the needs of the platform. Every platform is different. So give them the creative freedom to allow them to exercise their knowledge and skill set for the betterment of your campaigns.

Social media managers should have the agency to make intentional decisions that will better your brand’s presence on social media. Let them find the right amount of weirdness so that you can find success in your marketing strategies.

Mild to Wild

It is time to turn up the heat on  your marketing strategies. In fact, adding a little spice might allow you to take your social media marketing from good to great. Now, the scale from mild to wild is pretty simple. A mild post is something bland, generic, and it seems to have been made by the random bot on the internet. Now, add a little spice and you start getting to the wild section. Wild is a post that isn’t conventional, a little weird, and maybe scares the crap outta you. Wild is great.

Mild is exactly what is expected of you. Its fine and it is a little boring. When you look at wild, it’s the unexpected and its exciting. Sometimes wild means changing verbage or maybe it just means using a different style of graphic. Regardless, wind your wild because every audience handles spice differently.

Social media management should be fun, so get a little weird and add a little spice.

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