Why Messaging Should be in Your Strategy

Over the last 3 years, social media has become more and more versatile. Businesses have seen its potential and users are staying engaged for longer. People spend hours on social media, so why not use it for the benefit of your business?

There are several key reasons as to why you should utilize messaging in your strategy… and dedicate resources to it.

  1. Customers Eyes = Businesses Success
  2. Memorable ‘Wow’ Moments
  3. Seamless Success

On the Go?
Yes, it feels great when people message you… you feel valued, important, and like someone cares. You can do that for people as a business. Sending replies, resposting, and engaging with your customers is the best way to make each and every company feel welcomed. Messaging can feel awkward, but it makes the biggest difference.

Let’s get comfortable messaging and reaching out, so try it first with us.

Let’s dive in and learn the secrets of success when it comes to adding messaging to the social media marketing strategy.

Customers Eyes = Businesses Success

One of the easiest ways to engage with your customers is social media. It allows you to build a personal brand, and for you to communicate with your customers in a more casual and passive way. This really does change the trajectory of what your customers see.

Now, messaging gives customers control, and allows them to feel like they have a say and that they are valued. By having convenient and casual engagements you can create a more transparent brand which is well received by clients.

What you customers see is what your customers will share with others. If this is a good impression, you will see greater impressions amongst potential customers.

Memorable ‘Wow’ Moments

Remember that one time someone at the company was super nice to you, and you went home and told someone about it? Notice how we did not give additional details, but you are able to recount an experience in your mind? That is the power of a ‘Wow’ moment. Its the movement that someone made a positive impact on our experience. This can happen on social media, and is very easy to do.

People love to be responded to. If you have ever been responded to in the comments, it feels great, so why not do that for your customers. Answer people’s questions, give people something to comment on or message you about. A ‘wow’ moment will ensure that the unforgettable moment will turn into a customer for life. This is what you want, and need for long term success.

Messaging people is the easiest way to have a wow moment. A witty joke, and insightful answer, or just a hello can make all the difference.

Seamless Success

Social media and customer service are the two most outward facing facets of your business, and by ensuring they promote positive experiences, you create a seamless experience for the customers. They should love engaging with the business, and this feeling is fostered by the customer service team and the social media department. They have the ability to foster loyalty, manage crises, and make sure that the customer always feels like they are right (even when they aren’t).

This is why you need to set up your team for success. Are they ready to navigate the situation? Have you given them the agency to do what is needed? And lastly, do you trust each person on the team to be an example of the brand that you have built? If yes, then you are ready to embrace messaging in your social media strategy.

Messaging is simple and meaningful, and with little effort, you can make everyone feel important.

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