Why Does Social Media Matter?

People truly underestimate the potential of social media and the ability it has to attract new clients, develop a voice, and give opportunity for engagement. Social media is the future of a holistic marketing approach, and it’s important to acknowledge how valuable it can be for you.

Right now, over 3.6 Billion people use social media worldwide. That number is estimated to increase to over 4.4 Billion people by 2025. That is an audience that you can have access to if you play your posts right… you would never get that foot traffic, but you can get that social traffic. So, why does social media matter?

  1. Manage Your Brand
  2. Become Well Known
  3. Improve Relations

On the Go?
Well, if you aren’t on social media now, we are willing to bet that you used it within the last 24 hours… so maybe we don’t actually need to read why it matters. Clearly, we all use it so capitalize on the power social media has and get ready to take the world by storm.
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Social Media used to be an optional form of marketing, but now as social media finds its place in society, it’s clear that social media is a must in any marketing strategy.

Manage Your Brand

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have a personal brand that comprises your credibility, personality, and reliability. It’s how you show the world who you are and allows you to mold people’s expectations of you. If you are a traveler in your social media, people expect you to be a well traveled individual in real life. This helps them cater conversations to your interests without being overtly creepy (yes, we have all done the social media dive before a date, but at least we are secretive of what we know). Social media allows anyone to be a detective.

This is all imperative for the success of your brand. By having a social media presence, you can build your brand in a way that attracts new customers and keeps the old ones engaged. It is the ideal platform that shows you are an expert in the field. To manage this effectively, you need to be consistent with what you share, how often you share, and the voice you use when sharing.

Everything should be relevant and informative, but don’t forget, if you have a chance, add just a little spice.

Become Well Known

Social media allows you to generate leads, and without it, it can be hard to capture the greatest amount of leads. If you cater your content to the audience, upu has a better chance of finding these leads. With that said, you also become better known. Your visibility increases which has great returns. You will become known as a company, as a supplier, and as an employer. When you are well known, you have a better ability to capture talent.

So, social media allows you to manage your brand, but it also allows you to be a well known staple.

Improve Relations

Social media is a great way to build trust and create new relationships. Because it is more personal and efficient, you can meet with new people and engage with those that alrad know you. You can reply to inquiries quickly and ensure that your customer service department has the ability to respond quickly and effectively.

Social media allows you to build the relationships you want, and to ensure you know what the customers think of you before they commit. You have the power to change perceptions with social media, so get on it!

Well, if it wasn’t clear now, it is apparent that social media should be a part of your marketing strategy, and you should do whatever you can to ensure it finds its place for your firm.

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