2022… Ready, Set, Post

Well, another year gone, and another one is here. While we all have mixed feelings about 2021, it was a time to learn, to grow, and above all was a time for everyone to find their most authentic selves. Tik Tok blew up and Linkedin grew incredibly. All social media platforms started prioritizing short videos, and people spent more time at home, which meant more time on social media. 2021 was interesting, so what is next?

  1. Outsourcing and Copywriting
  2. Long Form Videos… Extinct
  3. Phone Calls are in the Past
  4. Direct Shopping

On the Go?
2021 is in the past, and in social media marketing, it is always about looking ahead. New trends, no pastimes, and new joys will be found in 2022…. What they are well, it will be confirmed as time passes. Until then, get ready for some change because 2022 is here.
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Social media changes every year, and every year, we as marketers get the opportunity to learn and adapt. Change might be scary, but learning from it is rewarding.


Copywriters and Creators aren’t new, they have just become certainly important in the last 6 months. Firms have realized that outsourcing is efficient and allows the right amount of dedication and focus to be placed where it is needed. The thing is, the amount of copywriters and creators has increased by 10 fold because the pandemic forced people to look for new ways to diversify their income.

Outsourcing may be the best way for you to get your social media marketing team established and ready to succeed. If you are looking for copywriting or creating, reach out to us as we would be happy to get you in touch with our network.

Long Form Videos… Extinct

The Youtube days, while not over, are nearing an end. While many of us sheepishly admit we have wasted hours on hours watching Youtibe, the market has become limited and more niche. People prefer short videos like Reels on Instagram and TikToks. While everyone thought long form videos would last a lifetime, people’s attention spans have decreased over the last several years. So, those blogs might need to be pivoted to short form videos.

If you can, find a way to use the story feature on social media to post your long form videos. People can come and go as they please, and they can get to the parts they find relevant without scrubbing. It’s time to pivot, so get ready!

Phone Calls are in the Past

At one one point, the phone call was the only way to get in touch with each other. If you wanted to see a friend, you had to call (or ask their mom if they were home). Nevertheless, phones were the most essential component of communication apart from in-person communications. However, as tech advances, the phone call becomes less and less relevant, and now we see most people don’t want to chat on the phone.

The last thing your customers want is to talk on the phone about the brand, or so a ‘short’ survey. If you want the information, text or email. People wanting to do the survey will, and those that don’t want to will opt out. It is also a cost saver because you don’t need anyone on the phone…. You need a marketing team to send the message.

Direct Shopping

Stop posting things if people cannot purchase it from the app, or seamlessly find it on the web. The Instagram store is expected to increase in use in 2022, and people want things linked. If you like a sweater, why not buy it seamlessly through the app instead of having to Google ‘cute fluffy cow print weather baggy’. Not only are people losing time trying to find it, most won’t go through the hassle. When you remove barriers to purchase, more leads turn to purchases.

It’s time to make online shopping more intuitive and more user friendly. Maybe by the end of 2022, your online store front can also be on Instagram… oooo the possibility.

2022 is here, and change is coming. So get Ready for change, Set up your teams for success, and Post what you want.

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