A Visual Social Media  
Scheduling Platform

Simplify your social media management
with smart, efficient design.


Clever Features

Social media is more than just scheduling and posting, it’s about multitasking, community management, and efficiency.



Managing multiple clients means organization is at the centre of your workflow, no exceptions.



We’re built with productivity at the heart of our design & features because we understand getting things done!


Agency Focused

Whether you manage one business or multiple clients, we have you covered in a simple, clean way.


Clean Design

Popular social managing platforms are still designed as they were 10+ years ago, yet we’ve changed


Visualize Your Scheduling

Why build a content calendar only to schedule it all somewhere else? Now you can schedule AND visualize at-a-glance. Want to dive deeper into a day’s posts? Just click on it and voila, your Day View appears, making it simple to adjust.



Multiple Clients

Have more than one client? Wonderful! You can add as many as you need but more importantly, switching between clients is easy and organized.


  • Easily add multiple clients
  • Organized


  • No client limits
  • Switch between clients

Group Posts into Campaigns

Imagine being able to keep all the posts in a campaign together?

Group your posts so you can track & measure them better, campaigns have never been easier.



  • Review Campaigns Before Scheduling
  • Submit Campaigns to Clients


  • Team Focused
  • Added Client Value


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Clear Conversations

We got tired of getting lost in conversations – who said what and when just wasn’t an option – so we designed a clear and concise way to understand the context of any message.



  • Understand the context of any given message
  • Easily view past messages in the conversation

Create or Import Calendars

Need to keep track of events?

Easily create, subscribe, or import calendars that are important to you or your clients, so you can keep track with a quick visual reference.



  • Create, subscribe, or import calendars
  • Become notified when event is nearing


Sweet Features Coming Soon!

We’re not stopping at the great features above, we’re building a whole suite of ways to make social media marketing easier…



Submit & Review CAMPAIGNS

Collaboration has never been easier!

Whether it’s a colleague, freelancer, or intern, you can now review their campaigns before they’re posted.




Imagine if sharing a campaign with a partnership was as easy as building it yourself and only sending them a link to confirm?

No more emails and attachments!

Team Member

We’re built with agencies in mind.

We’ve thought about your team, their permission, and your client so that managing a team is easier.